About the Book

Money management is rarely taught in schools. 85% of high school students receive no personal finance education whatsoever. As credit card companies are now targeting teens, resulting in a three-fold increase in credit cards by high school students, what is a parent to do? Where are the “operating instructions” for teens and their parents?

Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen gives parents an easy and fun guide to building their teen’s financial skills, resolving conflict around money, and helping their children become financially responsible adults. Written by a mom with a CPA, tested on teens, with lots of real-life examples Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen includes:

  • A five step set of instructions and rules with a simple list of accessories to get started
  • A Spending Plan “Playing Board” for financial information
  • Scorekeeping Boxes summarizing key concepts and activities
  • An abundance of practical tips on allowances, saving, investing, teen jobs and developing the spirit of entrepreneurship in your teenager

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