Personal Money-Coaching Services

“Parents constantly share with me how much they would like to teach their teens money-management skills, but simply don’t know how.  And who can blame them?  In most of our families, our parents didn’t talk about money!  So we had no model to follow.

My goal is to empower every parent with a methodology that will help open the lines of communication with teens, encourage collaboration, and teach powerful money-management skills they can use for a lifetime. All of this can be accomplished by playing The Real-Life Money Game—and having fun!”


Sarah Williamson is a mom, a CPA, and the author of “Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen.” Sarah has more than 25 years of experience gained from working with families and money in financial and accounting fields. Sarah is an independent financial consultant and offers personal money-coaching services to help individuals and families create a “Real-Life” Money Game Plan:

  • How to evaluate current money habits
  • Track “real” income and expenses
  • Create a spending plan record
  • Determine net worth
  • Identify areas of financial focus
  • Develop decision-making capabilities to select the best choices

Time spent with Sarah provides value for a lifetime. She works closely with clients to help them monitor, adjust and make their financial plan scalable to evolve with changing needs, proficiencies and unexpected situations that can occur.

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