Parent-Teen Money Coaching Workshop

The Parent-Teen Money Coaching Workshop helps parents connect with their teens to learn how to handle money responsibly and effectively. It’s frightening to realize that 85 per cent of high school students receive no school-based personal finance education whatsoever.
Sarah is a mom, a CPA, and the author of “Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen.” She has more than 25 years of experience gained from working with families and money in financial and accounting fields. She is passionate about changing the way families think about teens and money. An expert on family financial dynamics, Sarah Williamson uses her parent-teen money coaching workshops to guide parents step-by-step toward safely transferring control of money to their teen so he or she can take more personal responsibility for managing his or her own finances.
In just one day, Sarah’s parent-teen money coaching workshop will teach parents how to help their teens get started on the path toward becoming financially responsible adults. Parents and their teens learn how to “play” The Real-Life Money Game® using worksheets and tools from the book. Each parent/teen pair receives the book “Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen”, a workbook along with an audio/video DVD of each episode, and an electronic file of the appendix worksheets.
To schedule a workshop, please call Sarah at (206) 409-3347 or email
Workshop Table of Contents
Session I
Episode 1: The Purpose of the Game
Exercise 1: Player Profile Questionnaires
Episode 2: Teen-Generated Income
Episode 3: Should I Pay My Teen for Chores?
Episode 4: Family Fund Contribution
Episode 5: What You Need to Play the Game
Episode 6: The Rules of the Game
Episode 7: How to Complete the Income Worksheet
Exercise 2: Income Worksheet
Episode 8: How to Complete the Expense Worksheet
Exercise 3: Expense Worksheet
Episode 9: How to Select Expenses Your Teen Pays
Episode 10: Paying for Clothes
Episode 11: Why You Need a Rainy-Day Fund
Episode 12: Spending Plan
Exercise 4: Playing Board Spending Plan
Episode 13: Checking and Debit Cards
Episode 14: Bank Reconciliation
Episode 15: The Game is About More Than Money
Episode 16: Money Game Plan
Exercise 5: Money Game Plan
Workshop Table of Contents
Session II
Seven Deadly Sins Chart
Episode 17: Mistakes Parents Make – Overly Excessive
Episode 18: Mistakes Parents Make – Overly Strict
Episode 19: Mistakes Parents Make – The Pie Chart Model
Episode 20: The Golden Rule for Parents
Episode 21: Mistakes Teens Make
Episode 22: Four-Step Method for Problem Solving
Episode 23: Savings Plan
Exercise 6: Savings Plan
Episode 24: Giving
Episode 25: Credit Cards
Episode 26: Borrowing – Why You Should Charge Your Teen Interest
Exercise 7: Borrowing Chart
Episode 27: Five Steps to Investing
Episode 28: What Parents Need to Know About Taxes
Episode 29: Income Versus Worth
Episode 30: Scorekeeping

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