Kelly and Mark Y.

“I picked up Sarah’s book, Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen, and saw that Sarah conducted workshops for teens and their parents around smart money management and preparing for the future. I have two children, a 16 year old son and a daughter, age 13. My husband also has a 16 year old daughter, and we all live together in 1 home. My husband and I both work outside the home, and we have a crazy schedule with our active teenagers! We as parents are concerned that our children are not going to know or understand what it takes to live outside our home. My husband and I are self-made, learning through trial and error and so far have provided little to no money-management lessons for our kids – we were looking for a better structure, so I hired Sarah to conduct a personal parent-teen money coaching workshop for my family.

In the first session of the workshop, Sarah helped guide our family through identifying our money goals for our teens. Our mutual goal as parents is to empower them with the ability to make good decisions about money and credit, and equip them with the tools they will need to survive on their own. The children contribute some around the house, they get good grades, they get homework done, and are active in sports. The 13 year old babysits occasionally and spends pretty much everything she gets. All 3 kids have debit cards and allowance but do not have outside jobs. My husband bought his daughter a car, and my son also wanted a car. I planned to get him one, and I expected him to make a contribution, but I was not sure how.

Based on the information we discussed in the first session, Sarah showed us how we could set up a tailor-made plan for our specific circumstances using the Family Fund Contribution Formula and the Playing Board-Spending Plan. In just the first session, we had the structure we were looking for to transfer personal responsibility of money to our teens so they could do the thinking and make some discretionary spending choices. Our 16-year-old teens now have a goal for working towards owning their cars, and paying for the costs for maintenance and upkeep. Most surprisingly, our 13-year old (the spender) took off with the program beyond our expectations and is now saving for a school trip to France next spring! “

Madelyn J., with her 11-year-old daughter Katie

“We are especially excited about the clothing budget. We were going to give her more responsibility, but just couldn’t make the move. I don’t know why I was scared. It’s like I needed permission to say there are going to be mistakes and that’s okay.”

Steve R.,with his 16-year-old daughter Alyson

“What I liked most about the course is that it builds strong concepts through realistic, real-world examples. This is an excellent step-by-step building toward sound spending and savings management. Each subject and step is well thought through. East step prepared well for each next step.”

Alyson R., 16-year-old daughter

“I learned a lot! I thought the exercises made sense and worked well. What I liked most about the course is that it flowed right on.”

Daryl and Mary B. with their 12-year-old son Jadyn and 14-year-old daughter Aubry

“I drove home with my 12 year old son, Jadyn after the meeting. After we drove in silence for a bit, I asked him what he thought of the class. He sat back a little, appeared to be thinking but didn’t respond; I told him you don’t have to have a right answer just a gut reaction. He turned to me and said in a soft, intensely husky whisper, “Did you see her son’s binder?” I answered, “Quite impressive, what do you think about it?” He turned back ahead. A moment or so later he said in his normal voice, “I better get busy…I like a much more expensive car!!!”

I can’t believe how quickly the simplicity of the program and the positiveness of the message took effect in my home. By the evening, Jadyn and his two sisters had thought up a business, set up an email account and after a little family discussion set up a chore / allowance / homework, schedule to allow all of the family to contribute. They can either do a house chore or add a positive contribution for the family. (You get credit for chore assistance without being asked, helping anyone else with homework and other family perks we may think of.). Your “allowance” can be monetary or recreational.

The new direction and three-ring binders are already helping all of us reset goals and directions for how all four of my children will understand money and how to make the money they have, work for them.

Thank you for your insight and for sharing it with all of us, I’ll keep telling others!!”

Laureen L., with her 16-year-old daughter Arielle

“What I liked most about the course is that it presented a lot of excellent information that can be very useful immediately. Thank you!”

Arielle R., 16-year-old daughter

“What I liked most about the course is doing the activities and getting the chance to really get feedback on your specific issue!”

Bill D., with his 12-year-old daughter Nicole

“What I liked most about the course is the money pockets, visual money-making ideas for teens—this was empowering.”

Cathy S., with her 13-year-old daughter Chelsea

“What I liked most about the course/instructor were the real-life examples, doing the worksheets, and learning what other parents are doing.”

Chelsea S., 13-year-old daughter

“I thought it would be more boring!”