Read what prominent experts have to say about “Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen”

“I wish I’d had this book when my own children were teenagers. However, looking it over, I think it’s not too late—because I think this book would even work well with college students. Talk about a serious need for a book like this! There is so much we assume that young people will “just know”— and we are so wrong. This well written, user friendly, interactive book is a great service to parents who want to make sure their child understands how to be financially literate and responsible. Helping your child understand the logic and maintenance of money is critically important and I commend the author on doing such a great job of making the transmission of this information easy, fun, and extremely thorough.”
— Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology, University of Washington
Author of “Ten Talks Parents Must Have with Children about Sex and Character”

“Assuming you want your children to grow up with ‘dollars and good sense,’ read this book. Sarah understands how money works. And she makes it fun. Enjoy playing The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen.”

— Paul Merriman, Best-selling author
“Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money: 10 Steps to a Perfect Retirement Portfolio”

“Fun with money? Playing with your teen? This book is revolutionary. If you buy one parent advice book this year, make it this one. It will change your relationship and give your teen the gift that lasts a lifetime.”
Lana Staheli, Ph.D.
Author, Coach on Relationships and Life Strategies

The Real Life Money Game
Every parent knows the importance of their teens understanding how money works.  Learn to “Play The Real-Life Money Game With Your Teen.”